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Nutrition and Weight Loss
in Denver

Developing strategies to achieve and maintain proper nutrition are key to alleviating many troubling GI symptoms. At South Denver GI, we provide comprehensive nutrition care to patients, including the development of specific diets like low FODMAP for irritable bowel syndrome, gluten-free diets and elimination diets. Our therapies are personalized to your GI condition, food preferences and cultural background. 

Nutritional Counseling 

Through our partnership with registered dietitian Angela Waliszewski, South Denver GI patients can access weekly nutritional counseling services. Angela works closely with patients to develop individualized diet and nutrition plans to help lessen or relieve GI symptoms.

Angela has more than a decade of experience specializing in GI dietetics and nutrition. Her services include food sensitivity testing, elimination diet monitoring, meal planning and medical nutrition planning.

Nutrition counseling appointments are available as in-person or telehealth visits. In-person appointments are available on Wednesdays at the South Denver GI Lone Tree Clinic, the third Friday of every month at the South Denver GI Englewood Clinic and the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at the South Denver GI Castle Rock Clinic. The cost is $95 per one hour session. Payment is due via cash or credit card, HSA and flex accounts at the time of the appointment. Angela is also in-network with certain insurance plans. 

To schedule an appointment with Angela, please call 720-515-2181 or email Inquire with Angela directly about her telehealth scheduling. 

Weight Loss & NovoLiver 

Forty percent of all Americans are overweight. Weight gain increases your risk for a wide range of health conditions, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). 

NAFLD is a silent epidemic characterized by deposits of excess body fat within the liver (steatosis), inflammation caused by the fat (steatohepatitis) and eventual scar tissue formation (fibrosis). It affects 30-40% of the U.S. population. 

Reducing your weight by just 10% can help reverse fatty liver disease. To help improve the health of our patients, South Denver GI is the only GI practice in Denver to offer NovoLiver – a comprehensive, subscription-based program designed to assist you in achieving a healthy lifestyle, spur weight loss and reverse fatty liver. 

Highlights of the NovoLiver program include:

  1. Personalized multiphasic diet plans consisting of meal replacements for 3 months, slow transition to solid foods for 3 months and full transition to plant predominant diets.
  2. Supervised fitness programs and weekly digital behavioral support groups (usually 10 members each) that focus on lifestyle modifications. Access to curated content.
  3. NovoLiver app to track weight, program adherence and emotions, which help facilitate customized feedback on progress from wellness coaches. The app also allows long-form journaling and support group meeting signups.

To learn more about NovoLiver, talk with your South Denver GI provider or visit

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