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Our Commitment
in Denver

Our Vision

We will inspire hope and trust as a leader and valued partner in promoting the health and well-being of individuals in our community.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional care to our patients and empower our people to make that promise come true.

Our Values

Physician-led. As an independent, physician-driven organization we continually adapt and transform within the rapidly changing health care market to deliver responsible and preferred care and service to our patients and community stakeholders.

Quality. We maintain the highest standards of care delivery, foster specialized expertise, and assure patient safety. We embrace transparency and accountability, specifically by measuring and reporting our outcomes.

Patient-centered. We exceed expectations for outcomes, communication, access, timeliness, and service for each and every patient.

Commitment to health care value. We deliver care that meets the health needs of our patients, highest quality, optimal outcomes, unparalleled experience and affordability. 

Innovation. We welcome change, encourage discovery, and engage in research and learning to continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve our goal of delivering market-leading care and service.

Compassion. In every interaction, we commit to providing an empathetic and supportive environment for our patients and their families, fellow caregivers, and our staff.

Teamwork. We recognize and value the contributions of each member of our health care team, collaborating to share knowledge for the patient’s benefit and amongst members of SDG for the advancement of our mission.

Integrity. We embrace honesty, character and personal responsibility to always to do the right thing. We promote a culture of trust and advocate for our patients and staff.

Collaboration. We partner with other providers, health networks, hospital systems and insurance carriers to develop care pathways that are accessible, affordable and outcome-driven for the patients we serve.