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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kugelmas a few years now. I’m very comfortable with him. He’s a wonderful doctor who knows his stuff.

Of course Dr. Kugelmas is outstanding. He has helped me so much over the years. I am forever grateful!!

Dr. Kugelmas was very warm and personable. The information he gave me was useful. I would recommend him to anyone who asked.

Dr. Lee listens and makes me feel comfortable. I’m very thankful for her and her expertise.

I like Dr. Lee. She listens and is direct with answers that I can understand.

Dr. Lee is a caring professional who is passionate about treating her patients. Would recommend her to any person looking for a new GI doctor.

Dr. Schomaker is extremely patient and informative. I appreciate his attention toward making me feel comfortable about asking questions and not appearing rushed.

Dr. Schomaker was so nice and helpful. His knowledge and explanations made my visit very informative and took away my anxiety.

I appreciate that Dr. Schomaker treats the whole person. He takes other medical conditions into account.

Dr. Kim was incredibly professional, seemed to really listen and provide a diagnosis that made sense to me. He was excellent.

Dr. Kim has been very honest and informative regarding my continued issues. He has helped me in making decisions regarding procedures and medications.

Dr. Kim is professional and personable. Takes the time to listen and allows his patients to provide input regardingtheir treatment.