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Motility Disorders (Dysmotility)
in Denver

What is Dysmotility?

Dysmotility, also known as motility dysfunction, is a condition in which the muscles of the digestive system or the nerves that control them do not work as they should. This may involve irregular strength, speed or coordination of the muscles of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

The symptoms associated with dysmotility may vary depending on which areas of the digestive tract are affected, and may include:

How is Dysmotility Diagnosed?

The dysfunction in the nerves or muscles in the organs that make up the gastrointestinal tract may be caused by an underlying illness such as amyloidosis, diabetes, Ehlers Danlos, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid disorders and more. It may also be caused by certain medications or inflammatory conditions like celiac disease. Motility disorders are divided into major and minor, and some disorders tend to affect certain areas of the digestive system.

If you are experiencing the symptoms associated with dysmotility, your doctor may have you undergo some testing to better understand the cause of your condition. Because some of the symptoms associated with dysmotility overlap with other conditions, your testing can also help to rule these out. Tests may include blood tests, CT or MRI scans, X-rays, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath test, biopsy or more.

It is never pleasant to have gastro problems, however, the staff at your office from top to bottom have been very accommodating. They take a personal interest in your condition and imagine this; THEY RETURN PHONE MESSAGES PROMPTLY. I'm not completely better yet but have total confidence they will get me there. I highly recommend this practice.

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The front staff was immediately attentive as soon as I walked in. The nurses and PAs were professional and very nice, and the doctors were even better. The procedure went smoothly and could not have gone better. Of course, having positive lab results makes it easier to post a glowing report but I got the impression that if I had been diagnosed differently, they would have taken care of me with the same kindness and dedication.

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These people were all extremely professional and kind. The bedside manner from all staff was great and they were thorough with all information. Medical stuff is hard to deal with, but with people like this, the discomfort was eased. I highly recommend this office to anyone needing this type of help.

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Treatment Options for Dysmotility

The treatment option that is best for you will depend on the cause of your dysmotility. The first step is to exclude the possibility of blockages. Once that is ruled out, your doctor will gather information from testing to best determine the cause of your dysmotility, as well as create an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment options may consist of the following:


In some cases, medications can be used to stimulate intestinal motility. Certain laxative medications can also help to address blockages in the intestines.

Diet Changes

Your doctor may recommend modifying your diet to avoid foods that cause excess gas or foods that are difficult to digest. In some cases, intravenous fluids or decompression of the intestine may be required during a hospital stay.


If dysmotility is occurring in a small segment of the small intestine, surgical resection may be an option. Surgery is usually only recommended in situations where dysmotility problems are frequent or severe.

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