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Colorectal (colon) cancer screening can save your life. That’s because there are usually no signs or symptoms that cancer is growing in the colon and rectum when colorectal cancer is in the early stages. The best way to prevent colorectal cancer is to be screened on-time. A colonoscopy is the only test that can detect and prevent colorectal cancer. 

Everyone should start colorectal cancer screening at age 45. Insurance covers screening at this age. If you have a family history or other risk factors, you may need to be screened earlier. 

colonoscopy is a short and safe outpatient screening exam where a gastroenterologist views your entire colon to spot and potentially remove growths (polyps) that can turn into cancer. 

Our 27 board-certified gastroenterologists specialize in colonoscopy screening and consistently achieve colon polyp detection rates that exceed national screening benchmarks.

It’s easy to schedule your colonoscopy at one of South Denver GI’s three endoscopy centers.

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Schedule Your Colonoscopy Screening

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Don’t wait. Colorectal cancer is the preventable cancer. A colonoscopy may be something that you want to avoid, but it’s really not that bad. After all, what’s worse than a colonoscopy? Colorectal cancer. Check out these tips to help you prepare for your colonoscopy. 

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Castle Rock Endoscopy Center

3911 Ambrosia St. #200 Castle Rock, CO 80109

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Ridge View Endoscopy Center

10103 Ridge Gate Parkway, Suite 312B Aspen Building Lone Tree, CO 80124

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P: 303.788.8888

South Denver Endoscopy Center

499 E. Hampden, Suite 430 Englewood, CO 80113

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P: 303.788.8888