Contact Information

South Denver GI Hours of Operation are:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., including the lunch hour.

If you need to speak with an on-call Physician when our office is closed, you must call the Main number, 303.788.8888. The answering service will ask the Physician on call to contact you.  

If you are new to our practice and want to schedule a Colon Cancer Screening or an Office Visit with one of our Physicians or Allied Health Professionals, please call our main number 303-788-8888 during regular business hours and press option #4.  You will speak directly with one of our scheduling staff.

If you are currently under the care of our providers, you may call their Medical Assistant during regular business hours to schedule a test, an office visit or procedure with your Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.  If you need a refill please ask your pharmacy to send us a request.

If you are a referring provider, please download this form, print and complete.  You can fax the referral form to 303-790-2567 or 303-788-6452.
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Aaron Cohn
    Dr. Matthew Nichols
    Dr. Lisa Mathew
    Dr. Theresa Lee
    Call  303.406.4258
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Marcelo Kugelmas
    Dr. Kyrsten Fairbanks
    Dr. Alexander Ende
    Christina Hanson, N.P.
    Call 303.406.4192
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Mary Kovalak
    Dr. Fred Lewis
    Dr. Richard Roman
    Gail Pearson, N.P.
    Call 303.406.4190
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Cary Patt
    Dr. Babac Vahabzadeh
    Kelly Peters, P.A.
    Call 303.406.4257
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Erik Pieramici
    Dr. Fernando Carreira
    Dr. Lisa Swize
    Natalie Hutchison, P.A.
    Call 303.406.4191
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Laura Rosenberg
    Dr. Lawrence Kim
    Dr. David Scheider
    Dr. Geoffrey Jensen
    Call 303.406.4259
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Erika Lee
    Dr. Bernard Powers
    Jessica Alex, P.A.
    Call 303.406.4272
  • To Contact the Medical Assistant for:
    Dr. Peter Le
    Call 303.406.4151

If you are currently under the care of one of our providers and are having symptoms that cause you concern, or you have questions for your provider; you may call the Nurse’s Line at 303-761-8336. Based on the nature and urgency of your symptoms an RN will return your call within the same day. We will present your concerns to your physician and call you back with his/her recommendations.

We have a dedicated Nurse’s Line for our patients with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. You can reach these specialized RNs to discuss your symptoms or the Specialty Medications you have been prescribed: The Crohn’s and Colitis Nurse’s Line is 303-406-4170, during regular Business Hours.


If you had a procedure in the past 7 days at one of our Endoscopy Centers and are experiencing problems; please call the Endoscopy Center RNs. Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to report this.


• Ridgeview Endoscopy Center in Lone Tree at 303-406-4241.
• South Denver Endoscopy Center in Englewood at 303-874-0350.
• After Hours call the Physician on call at 303-788-8888.


If your procedure was more than 7 days ago, or done at one of the hospitals, call the Nurse’s Line 303-761-8336 to report problems or symptoms.


The Business Office can be reached at 303-874-1700 for billing or financial arrangements, and their fax is 303-768-8774.


Medical Records Department can be reached during regular Business Hours by calling 303-788-8888, press option #2.


Locations, Addresses, Maps and Fax numbers can be found under “Our Practice” tab on the HOME page.