Outcomes & Quality

 A recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded the risk of developing colon cancer may depend partly on having a doctor who often spots precancerous growths during patients' colonoscopy screenings. For every 1% increase in the physician’s adenoma detection rate there is a 3% decrease in the odds of the patient developing colon cancer over the next decade.  


Measure National Benchmark South Denver Gastroenterology 2013 South Denver Gastroenterology 2014 South Denver Gastroenterology 2015 South Denver Gastroenterology 2016 South Denver Gastroenterology 2017 
Adenoma (precancerous polyp) Detection Rate 29% 39% 44% 50% 47% 49%


Hepatitis C cure rates with either Harvoni or Viekira- 1/1/16-12/31/16
Genotype 1  97% cure
Genotype 2  100% cure
Genotype 3  99% cure
Genotype 4  100% cure

Hepatitis C Treatments 1/1/15-10/15/15
Cure rates for Chronic Hepatitis C, Genotypes 1A and 1B, with either Harvoni or Viekira: 96%
Approved medication rate for patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: 94%