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Cary Patt M.D.

Dr. Patt pursued his undergraduate degree at Cornell University. He then attended The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He did his residency training at Boston Medical Center and then stayed an extra year to serve as Chief Medical Resident. He then went to Johns Hopkins Hospital to do his fellowship in gastroenterology. At Johns Hopkins Dr. Patt was awarded the Schering Plough / American Association for the Study of Liver Disease advanced hepatology fellowship, which enabled him to pursue subspecialty training in liver disease and liver transplantation. His areas of special interests include liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease. He is currently on the board of the Crohn's and Colitis foundation. He has served as the Chairman of the Department of Medicine and is currently the Chairman of the Division of Gastroenterology at Sky Ridge Medical Center. 

SDG Location:
Lone Tree

Education / Experience:
Cornell University 1992
Mount Sinai School of Medicine 1996
Internship / Residency / Chief Residency - Boston Medical Center, Boston University
School of Medicine 1996-2000
Fellowship - Johns Hopkins Hospital 2000-2003
The Gastroenterology Group, Glen Ridge,NJ 2003-2004

Board Certifications:
Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate of the Subspecialty of Gastroenterology / ABIM

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Patient Reviews

I am Dr. Patt's 1%. I have been dealing with c- diff and IBS for over 5 years. I'm not the text book case and Dr. Patt has been by my side figuring what works and what doesn't. What makes him special is he is down to earth doctor. He is alway's there for you and treats you like family not just another patient. I appreciate him and recommend Dr. Patt highly.
- Lisa O

Dr. Patt by far is the best doctor out there! He is very caring and understanding of so many things. My life wouldn't be them same without him. I highly highly recommend him!!!
- Kim E

I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasant, communicative and caring Dr. Patt was when I went in for my procedure. I have to say, the whole process was great because of him and the entire staff. I highly recommend the facility and Dr. Patt!
- Lauri H

I came to Dr. Patt desperate for answers to my chronic vomiting and nausea. He's been an incredible and thorough doctor with the most amazing bedside manner I've ever experienced. I have many autoimmune diseases and he would not stop until he found out what was wrong with me. Together we finally found out what was causing my issue, after dealing with them for more than a year. He never let me feel like a was alone or a lost cause. He was determined to help me and make my life better. He's the sweetest, most incredible doctor that I could have asked for and I'm so incredibly lucky that I had a friend who knew someone in his office and was able to refer me to him. He's indispensable to me and I trust him (literally) with my life.
- Becky J

Dr. Patt is not my doctor, but he was the on call when I went to the emergency room. He not only took care of my emergency but he has the best bedside manner I have ever encountered. He is the first doctor I have met that didn't act like I was wasting his time. Thank you Dr. Patt.
- Katie F

Dr. Patt was doctor on call this weekend when I was feeling absolutely lousy. He called back quickly and was very caring. Also received call back on Monday.
- Beth R

Dr. Patt has been my doctor for several years now. He is always very kind, professional and makes you feel very at ease, even on subjects that can be embarrassing regarding a health issue or question.. He always takes the time to listen, and makes you feel cared about. Under Dr. Patt"s direction of care for my particular medical condition I have been able to manage it well. Thank you Dr. Patt!!! I would very much recommend him!!
- Tammy L

Dr Patt is a wonderful, caring provider. He speaks to me like a friend and understands when I am not a perfect patient and I forget my meds! He is great at listening and working with you on the perfect care plan for you specifically, which may not be the perfect plan for everyone and he understands this individuality.
- Kelly

Fantastic Doctor! Excellent with communication. Speaks to you with respect and encourages you to ask questions. Shows sincere concern for the patients health. I would highly recommend him!!
- Tatyana N

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